We cultivate premium-quality saffron and saffron extract suitable for various applications. If you seek a dependable source of saffron for your business, please contact us at

Israel Innovation Authority

Saffron Tech has been awarded two grants by the Israeli Innovation Authority, allowing us to expedite our research and development endeavors.

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Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center

Saffron Tech has entered into an agreement with the Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center, to collaborate on the development of propagation protocols for year-round cultivation of high-quality, high-yield saffron. ARO Volcani Center, Israel’s largest and most prestigious agricultural research center, is a research powerhouse responsible for pioneering agricultural innovations and intellectual property development in the country.

Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) - Volcani Center


In 2023, Dreamtech Co, a South Korea-based company, strategically invested in Saffron Tech. Dreamtech is a prominent provider and manufacturer of cutting-edge technology components utilized in innovative products, spanning from advanced mobile devices to medical equipment.

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