Discover the Top 5 Health Benefits of Saffron

Saffron’s Golden Touch

Discover the Top 5 Health Benefits of Saffron

Why is the “red gold” of the spice world taking center stage in the global wellness industry? Let’s take a deep dive into saffron’s rising popularity within the health and wellness space.

In recent years the wellness industry rose in popularity. Beyond captivating our attention, it shifted our mindset, introducing traditional concepts of health to the modern lifestyle. Words like alternative medicine, natural ingredients and prevention took over the media landscape, particularly with influencers who created entire platforms to discuss the newest discoveries in the world of health and wellness.

How does saffron fit into this new thriving industry? The short answer, quite seamlessly. The valued spice known as crocus sativus in the world of agriculture and science was used as herbal medicine since the ancient times. Now, researchers are conducting further studies on the spice to see how it can help prevent ailments that are becoming more widespread. As a result, companies are starting to take notice of the multitude of applications that saffron can be used for.

Let’s step out of the kitchen and into the world of health and wellness to uncover a treasure trove of health benefits that saffron has supported for centuries.

  1. Memory, Focus, and Overall Cognitive Health

From the “Goldfish Effect” to ADHD, cognitive well-being has been on everyone’s mind. It used to be a malady for the aging, but now it’s affecting the young ‘scroll and swipe’ crowd.

Researchers are now looking at the neurological benefits of saffron. It’s bioactive compounds, including crocin and safranal, may positively impact brain function. Saffron can also improve memory recall and cognitive function by influencing neurotransmitters.


  1. Natural Anti-depressant

Clinical research has shed light on saffron’s potential as a natural remedy for depression. Saffron’s bioactive compounds have demonstrated mood-enhancing effects, promoted elevated moods, and improved overall well-being. Results from several clinical studies have suggested that saffron may alleviate symptoms of depression with fewer side effects than conventional antidepressant medications.

“In the systematic review, six studies were identified. In the placebo-comparison trials, saffron had large treatment effects and, when compared with antidepressant medications, had similar antidepressant efficacy.”

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Saffron’s potent anti-inflammatory properties have demonstrated the ability to soothe and calm irritated skin. The spice is an exciting new option for skincare formulations, particularly for addressing acne, rosacea, in addition to aging.

“The skin-protective properties of saffron extract were evaluated in terms of tyrosinase and collagenase inhibition activities, antioxidant activity in mouse macrophage cells, collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid synthesis and cell migration activity in primary dermal fibroblast normal human neonatal cells (HDFn).”

  1. Cancer Prevention

Saffron extracts may hinder tumor growth, making the red gold of the spice world a compelling subject of study in the field of oncology. Research studies show that saffron extracts may inhibit growth of certain types of cancer cells. This has sparked a growing interest in saffron from as a variety in teas, vitamins, and supplements.

“A growing body of research has demonstrated that saffron extract itself and its main constituents, the carotenoids, possess chemopreventive properties against cancer.”

  1. Sleep Aid

Researchers are also discovering the benefits of saffron as a sleep aid. There have been several studies that show an increase in melatonin levels of participants who took a specific dosage of saffron before bed. Saffron may be the natural solution for those who have difficulty falling asleep or enjoying an uninterrupted night’s rest.

Sleep deprivation is now considered to be a global public health pandemic”

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