Advanced agricultural technology for cultivating saffron that is equal in its weight to gold!
Now publicly traded on the US stock exchange: a subsidiary of Seedo Corp. (OTC: SEDO).
The Vision

The Vision

Saffron-Tech enables the controlled, automated cultivation of agricultural crop under laboratory conditions, saving water, land, and manpower while significantly increasing the quality and quantity of output.

The Company is specializing, as a first step, in the luxury niche of saffron, also known as ‘red gold’, and that is equal in weight to gold!

Paradigm Change

Saffron-Tech = Paradigm Change
4 times the crop of ‘red gold’ - saffron



The Company

Our goal

To harness the most advanced technology for the
development of automatic grow containers that are
remotely managed in order to ensure a large
supply of quality saffron throughout the year.


Manual, intensive and expensive labor
Saffron production is a complex, low-yield process
Saffron is a sensitive plant hat requires specific environmental conditions for growing
For these reasons, some dealers in the field estimate that up to 60% of the market is fake product!
Approximately one thousand flowers are needed to produce 1 gram of saffron, hence its nickname ‘red gold’.The price per one gram of genuine quality saffron ranges between $30-50. In other words, the end consumer buys 0.3 gram at $26 or more.
Saffron-Tech SOLUTION

Saffron-Tech provides controlled, remotely managed solutions for the cultivation of top quality saffron that can be produced year round.

Saffron Market Size

The Global Saffron Market is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2027

Cumulative annual growth rate of 7.3%


Saffron Uses

1 Celebrated Chefs and Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Celebrated Chefs and Michelin-Starred Restaurants

2 Uniquely flavored 

Uniquely flavored Anti-oxidant

3 Cosmetics


4 Natural medicine

Natural medicine

5 Dye for    textiles  

Dye for textiles  

Future directions

Future directions

The Executive Team

The Executive Team

David Freidenberg, CEO and Director

David has extensive experience in the telecommunications and information technology industries, filling a series of executive positions including VP of Sales and Business Development at Terrigen Technologies, IT service provider with annual income of $130 million. Recent positions included CEO of POMM, CEO of CHIP PC TECHNOLOIES and Chief Business Officer of Benidam Communications. Previously filled a series of management positions at Hot and Bezeq. David holds a BA in Economics and MA in Business Administration, with specialization in financing and accounting, from The Hebrew University.

Gadi Levin, CFO

Gaid served in executive management positions in Dario, Vaxil Bio and Eco (Atalantic Oil and Gas Ltd. as well as in Israeli investment companies specializing in private capital, hedge funds and real estate. Gadi has over 15 years’ experience in working with America, Canadian and multinational public companies. Gadi began in the accounting firm of Arthur Anderson, where he specialized in listed companies in the US involved in offerings. He holds a BA in Commerce, Accounting and Information Systems and a BA in Accounting from the University of South Africa and is a certified public accountant. Gadi also holds a MBA in Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University.

Tomer Ben Michael, Chief Agronomist

Tomer is a Ph.D. student, with a BA and MA in Agriculture from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tomer has experience as a teaching assistant and researcher in molecular biology and bioinformatics. In his previous positions, Tomer served as research assistant for Evogeneand was responsible for the field experiments. Previously, was in charge of the gene bank for greenhouse flowers, pest control, powder and production of seeds and cuttings. In conjunction with the Volcani Institute, Tomer worked as an agronomist, growing and supervising plant genotype and phenotype assessments, import and export regulations for plant material, development and supervision of protocols for irrigation, fertilization, pests and diseases.

Dr Efrat Greenwald, Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Greenwald is an experienced data scientist whose expertise will advance our saffron growing protocols and position the company to expand into vertical farming software development. She is uniquely qualified to lead Seedo's data science division successfully into the future
Members of the Board

Members of the Board

Dr. Gil Feiler, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Gil serves as director of the Bank of Georgia and partner in Forest Investment House ($1 billion AUM). Dr. Feiler serves as head of the Scientific-Advisory Board of Cannabics Ltd, which is listed on the US stock exchange. Served as member of the Board of Directors at VSJ and was director on Board of Habenleumi Bank Mutual Fund Division and Dikla. Served as government advisor in the UAE. Dr. Feiler is a guest speaker at global events including the World Economic Forum in Dabos. Holds a Ph.D. in Economics and the Middle East from Tel-Aviv University, and is graduate of the International Management Program at the Technion.

Zvi Or-bach, Member of the Advisory Committee

Zvi is a world renowned expert and holder of over 200 patents, primarily in 3D integrated circuits and semi-custom chip architecture. He serves as Chairperson of the IEEE S3S mobile conference and is a popular lecturer in the world, authoring numerous books and articles. Zvi has over 40 years experience in leading organizations to success as CEO, VP of Development, sales, Marketing, Business Development, etc. Zvi has been serving as director on various technology companies for over 20 years, and is Chairman of the Board of Directors in Zeno Semiconductors. Zvi founded and managed many tech companies, including MonolithIC 3D and eASIC, whose innovative products earned prestigious awards and was acquired by Intel. Earleir, Zvi founded Chip Express, which was acquired by Gigoptix, and served as president and CEO of the company for approximately 10 years, during which the company generated $50 million in income for four consecutive years and was ranked as a member of the Fast 50 Hi-Tech. Zvi holds a B.Sc. cum laude in Electrical Engineering form the Technion – the Israeli Institute of Technology, and two M.Sc. with distinction in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute.
Updates in Development

Updates in Development

Saffron-Tech signed an intellectual property sharing agreement in saffron with the company Rokeha. Saffron-Tech integrates Rokeha technology with in-house technology to create an ecosystem for automatic and indoor-controlled cultivation of saffron for the first time in the world.

Saffron-Tech signed a services agreement with the Agricultural Research Organization – Volcani Center, which is Israel’s largest institution specializing in agricultural research and among the best known in the world
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